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The Apache Fluidics Blazing Spear Upgrade

Blazin Spear

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Backed by popular demand! We received a TON of interest in a flamethrower with a manageable price and a manageable range, so you can fire it in a large lawn or other locations the M2 M9 would simply incinerate. We're painting up the first prototypes right now, but the Blazing Spear looks like the M2 M9 in beautiful matte black with white logos, but minus the legs, with much more compact and lighter 1.5 gallon tanks, one valve, and much less expensive parts that provide an easier to handle range. The Blazing Spear weighs only 20 pounds, holds 3.2 gallons, and has a range of 50-70 feet with a more tame 250 psi pressure. It is intended to be pressurized off 9oz or 20oz paintball tanks. But unlike anything else out there, the Blazing Spear Upgrade fully looks like and handles like the real deal! (The upgraded model jumps from 2 gallons and 200 psi with the original model, to 3.2 gallons of fuel and 250 psi for the upgraded model!) If the Rolling Thunder is too intense for you, too hard hitting for your budget, or too powerful for the places you have to shoot them... Then the Blazing Spear is simply the most badass thing you can possibly get! It's KILLER for lighting campfires, putting on a show, roasting marshmallows like a boss, blazing the F out of dry ice (wait til you try it), or even popping the occasional propane balloon for fun. This is the sweet little number everyone's been writing us to produce - the sane man's M2 M9. And it's what the Apache is wielding in our logo! Please keep in mind it is throwing real flame and can still be deadly if mishandled, so you must assume full responsibility an use it like a safe human being.

Only 1550 1250 Dollars (300 savings!) + 95 Dollars shipping to the continental U.S.

Blazin Spear Gif

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The Apache Fluidics Rolling Thunder Flamethrower-

The Rolling Thunder is the Real Deal. It holds up to 3.5 gallons of fuel (generally diesel and gasoline mix, but whatever you want), has a range of 80-100 feet with un-gelled fuel (and if you have the patience to load gelled fuel, increase range up to 175- 200 feet!). The US Military M2 and M9-7 held 4 gallons with the same range. It uses 350 psi CO2 pressurization with a nice, safe modern 1500 psi tank (the US military M2 and M9 used half that, at 400 psi). It delivers 45 gallons/minute flow rate, identical to the M2 and M9/7 flamethrowers from WW2 and Vietnam. It even weighs almost the same amount! (Unlike it's big brother, our special-order-only M2M9 - which weighs around 75 pounds empty)This makes for a burn time in the 5 to 7 second range. Imagine the power of dumping 3.5 gallons of fuel in FIVE seconds! It even has substantial recoil like a firehose. This is the flamethrower we tried for a DECADE to design - attempting to make the performance of our M2M9 (or close to it) affordable and lightweight. Make no mistake you have to start getting some serious rocket-engine level engineering to get 10 times the performance of something like the $2000 X15 'flamethrower' - and even slightly higher performance than the M2 and M9 from the US Military. This quite literally has more in common with the rocket engines we build than with the XM42. It has all the parts, conveniences, look feel, and performance of the very best genuine military flamethrowers around. With some paint and adding a pyrotechnic ignitor, then taking off the removable legs (which help you pick up the heavy assembly easily), it would even look almost the same as the M2 flamethrower from WW2 in particular - making it perfect for re-enactments, movies, events, etc.

Only 2700 1899 Dollars + 119 Dollars shipping to the continental U.S. (Shipping is sometimes more expensive, but we'll cover the difference)

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Shipping takes roughly 2 weeks to get to you, as assembly and testing of your individual unit may be required

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DO NOT BUY if you aren't comfortable with a wrench to maintain the fittings (low level plumbing type maintenance) and if you aren't willing to accept all risks and reponsibilities, and that there will ALWAYS be a risk of injury, death, and property destruction with this item and the user assumes all risks